Our new GXS dry pumps take vacuum performance to the next level.

With unique screw technology and world leading high efficiency drives, enabling advanced temperature control and long service intervals, you are guaranteed best-in-class pumping speeds and low running costs for many years to come.

Be assured, Edwards compact and highly intelligent GXS range of pumps and combinations are our most robust and economical vacuum pumps for industrial applications.

  • Enhanced reliability
    • excellent dust & liquid handling, can have automated self-cleaning
    • automatic temperature control.
  • reduced power consumption
  • reduced noise 64dBa , reduced footprint,
  • dual frequency 50/60 Hz
    • 200V/400V class variants only
    • integrated VFD, Intertek ETL listed motors
  • integral inverter & intelligent controller
    • smart start – run – standby – smart stop
    • process control logic & digital comms.
  • extended service intervals