BeaconMedaes Vertical Zone Valve BOX

Superior, Space Saving Design

In the hospital, finding adequate wall space to locate and install medical gas zone valve boxes is difficult, especially within anesthetizing and critical care areas. With the introduction of the new vertical zone valve box, BeaconMedaes removes much of this burden, providing more versatility in locating the zone valve boxes.
The unique, space saving design features the gas inlets and outlets positioned vertically to dramatically reduce the wall space required
for installation, with a space savings of 50% or more compared to a traditional horizontal layout. Now you can install from one to four valve boxes between two single studs.
For installations requiring more than four valves, install two assemblies’ side by side for up to eight valve installations, further reducing required wall space. With inlets and outlets vertically oriented, no additional wall space beyond the allotment for the back box.

Speedy Installation

When installing medical gas pipeline, every brazed joint and connection costs valuable installation time and money. With the vertical orientation of both the inlets and outlets of the BeaconMedaes valves and the box fitting between two standard studs, installation time is heavily reduced as no additional build out is needed for the box, as well as many braze joints are eliminated.
Compared to a horizontal installation, where copper extensions may extend out through two, three or four wall bays, the new vertical valve box keeps the installation contained to a single bay, avoiding costly routing of pipes through multiple bays.
Further enhancing the time savings, with three ports on each valve, alarm sensors easily mount within the valve box, eliminating sensor installations in the ceiling or costly piping to the alarm panel.