Jordan Myers has completed extensive training and has a wide range of experience when it comes to general mechanics. In 2005, he received his Associates Degree in Electronics and Computer Engineering. After multiple years of a career as an electronics technician, troubleshooting and repairing everything from televisions to engine and transmission control units, Jordan decided to serve his country. He enlisted in the Marine Corps in 2009 and was formally trained as a diesel mechanic. After a quick four years of active duty and living the military life style, the approaching reality of rejoining civilian life was upon him. At this crossroads, he turned to his brother Jesse Myers, Sherman Engineering’s southern territory service manager, for guidance on the next chapter of his life. With Jordan’s extensive training and experience, Jesse thought he would be an asset to the Sherman Engineering family.  Upon completing his military service, in December 2013, Jordan joined the Sherman Engineering family as a service technician.  He spent his first months of civilian life learning from one of the best technicians at Sherman Engineering. After a successful year of training and completing maintenance on medical air compressors and vacuum systems, an opportunity arose to join the elite sales team at SEC who represents the legacy of Gardner Denver.

In May 2015, Sherman Engineering signed the contract to be a full line distributor for Gardner Denver with Jordan tasked by SEC upper management to lead the new line up of compressors and products. Jordan then immersed himself with Gardner Denver product knowledge, everything from reading brochures and service manuals to making service calls in order to acquire extensive product knowledge of the full line. Jordan attended Gardner Denver’s formal oil lubricated service technician school and was joined by Bob Gant, another SEC technician. Jordan and Bob have teamed up and have begun to share the knowledge they have learned with other Sherman Engineering employees.

Jordan is working with current Sherman Engineering customers to replace control air compressors in hospitals and with new customers in the industrial field completing service and supplying new compressors. Many new customers initially contact Sherman Engineering after unsatisfactory experiences with other distributors. Our team then goes on site to survey the compressors and ascertain the state of the machinery, including reviewing past service and maintenance.

One major success story we are proud to share is with a local manufacturing company. Jordan initially went on site to survey the compressors, including a Gardner Denver Electra Saver II (100HP) and a Chicago Pneumatic (100HP). The Chicago Pneumatic was a new machine with only 6500 hours, but had minimal service completed to it up to this point. The Electra Saver II was in very poor condition with the compressor running hot around 206F and having very high oil carry over.  Jordan immediately recommended an oil flush with Comp Clean (compressor cleaning product) to remove deposits and varnishes from inside the compressor, cleaning of the after cooler, and replacement of all filters. After Bob completed these services and ran the compressor with Comp Clean for 500 hours, it was then refilled with the factory recommended Aeon oil, and the compressor ran at a perfect 189F. The oil carry over problem did not continue.

Jordan and Bob plan to share the knowledge of the Gardner Denver product line with the employees at Sherman Engineering and continue making new customers and friends along the way.