Sherman Engineering can provide everything from turnkey to customized solutions for any water treatment application.

The Sherman Engineering Co. has been serving the Water Treatment Industry for more than 100 years, providing solutions for digester gas, gas boosting, aeration, filtration, sewerage ejectors, heat transfer and compressed air. Our experienced staff of sales engineers and factory partners offer efficient, reliable solutions for both end users and OEM’s. Our aftermarket organization of experienced factory trained technicians ensure equipment is properly maintained and repaired throughout its lifecycle.

Typical solutions offered by Sherman Engineering include liquid ring methane compressors, filtration vacuum systems, heat exchangers & condensers, and complete plant compressed air systems. Alongside Sherman Engineering’s strong field capabilities; our Factory Partners at Gardner Denver, Nash, and Standard Exchange offer full product support. These well-known, first-class manufacturers are widely regarded as industry leaders in their respective markets. Contact a Sherman Engineer in your area for additional information.