Sherman Added Value Center

Sherman Added Value Center

Select from our array of standard packages or contact us for an engineered to-order-solution.


Sherman Engineering is excited to offer engineered vacuum systems  using high quality and reliable Gardner Denver Nash liquid ring vacuum pumps. We provide complete turnkey systems, including receiver tanks, specially designed control panels, and all accessories needed to provide a completely functional system.

We offer entirely customizable arrangements, taking into consideration all installation considerations Our engineered vacuum systems can be provided as tank or skid mounted units. The tank mounted systems are consistent with legacy Nash “OV” systems, while our base mounted systems are similar to the Nash “VectraPak” systems. They are built to specification approved by the customer, as either a once-thru, partially recirculated, or fully recirculated seal water arrangements. Sherman Engineering trained service technicians build and test all systems within our manufacturing facility.

Please call our offices and ask to speak with your regional Sales Engineer to select from our array of standard packages or for an engineered to-order-solution.

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