beaconMedical Alarms

We supply a large variety of alarms that can match the technology, communication, size and other features needed for a modern medical facility.

Medical Gas Alarms

BeaconMedeas-TotalAlert-InfinityJUST RELEASED: Total Alert Infinity Alarm

  • Next generation connectivity
  • Easy to install and setup
  • Can use your existing network cabling
  • Sensors are gas specific and clearly labeled.


Total Alert 2 Alarm

  • Fully compliant with NFPA99 2002, CSA Z-305/draft CSA 7396
  • Compatible with Johnson Controls’ Metasys BAS and other networks
  • Easy to install
  • Compact, making it easy to fit.

TA2 Combo Medical Gas Alarm


Oxygen Depletion Monitors for Manifold Rooms
Ideal for confined spaces such as manifold rooms and any gas storage areas. The monitors install by placing a sensor in the confined space with an annunciator or alarm outside of the doorway into that space.



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