Medical Vacuum Systems

Our medical vacuum systems from BeaconMedaes are available in several different styles.


Claw-Vacuum-SystemClaw Vacuum Systems

These systems utilize a frictionless, multi-claw technology to provide very energy efficient operations.

  • Variable Speed Drive provides superior efficiency.
  • Uses no water or oil.
  • Equipped with BeaconMedaes’ TOTAL ALERT embedded program.


Liquid-Ring-Vacuum-SystemsLiquid Ring “Camel” Vacuum Systems

These systems use a simple technology that allows a sealing fluid, usually water, that acts to pump air virtually without friction. They are extremely reliable with a very long life.

  • The most reliable vacuum technology for over 100 years.
  • The rotor never comes in contact with the housing thereby eliminate any internal wear.
  • Solves the problem of this type of system by securing against loss of water.
  • Unlike other liquid ring systems, this one can absorb a large amount of liquid contaminants without any noticeable effect on the pump’s operation.


Oil-less-Vacuum-SystemsOil-less Rotary Vane Vacuum Systems

These systems use a Lifeline oil-less rotary vane that provides these advantages:

  • 100% dry –  using no oil or water which eliminates any bio-hazard waste oil.
  • Very easy to maintain.
  • Compact size with an incredibly small footprint.
  • Functions vibration-free.


Lubricated-Rotary-VacuumLubricated Rotary Vane Vacuum Systems

These systems are rugged and extremely reliable.

  • The pumps are single state, direct drive and air-cooled.
  • The simple design is compact, low maintenance, quiet and designed for long lasting and reliable operations.


Nash Vacuum PumpsSherman Engineering also offers large vacuum systems with the variable speed drive from Nash for large hospital needs.


Our engineers can analyze your current needs and recommend the best medical vacuum system for you. Sherman Engineering will start saving you money and increase efficiency right away.